Welcome from the Interim Chair

Lehigh University ISE - Dr. Tamás Terlaky Chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and  George N. and Soteria Kledaras ’87 Endowed Chair ProfessorWelcome to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh University. Our department is among one of the oldest in the nation. Industrial Engineering undergraduate degrees were offered at Lehigh as early as in the 1920’s, and graduate degrees were awarded in the 1930’s. The department as an independent academic unit was established in the 1948-1949 academic year. Please visit our 60th Anniversary page to see pictures from the April 16, 2009 celebration! 

Our educational programs in the past years are consistently listed amongst the strongest in the nation. The ISE department has personalized educational programs, innovative faculty, and continues to excel both in teaching and research. Choosing Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh empowers you to solve complex industrial problems, to gain valuable leadership skills, and to excel in an industrial job or in academia.

Industrial and Systems Engineering methodologies and skills are used in many different industries—from manufacturing, production, and healthcare to logistics and financial services. These skills are also applied in different business functions from finance to management and marketing. The systematic engineering approach helps to solve complex business and management problems, such as production shop layout, optimal supply chain organization, ensuring appropriate inventory levels for smooth operation with minimal cost in spare parts manufacturing, optimal product placements in retail stores, optimizing health care delivery or radiation therapy treatment, and designing innovative financial products.

Technology, computing and information science, the emerging cyber-infrastructure, and analytics of big-data, all leverage the intellectual power of industrial engineering, systems engineering, and operations research enhances the solutions of industrial problems. High-performance computing provides unprecedented capabilities to achieve these objectives. Building on our traditional strength, the ISE department is at the forefront of educational innovation, academic and industry driven applied research.

I invite you to browse our website and learn about our exciting educational and research programs, which are consistently ranked among the strongest in the nation. You may also meet our distinguished faculty who are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience to our students and to conduct path-breaking research, both academically and in collaboration with our industry partners. You will learn of the breadth and depth of our educational programs, which offer opportunities for experimental learning and intellectual challenge in an inspiring educational environment. The undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is small, thus permitting close interaction between the faculty and students at all levels.

Industry is actively recruiting ISE graduates for their excellent technical and leadership skills. Industrial interaction is important to provide practical experience to our undergraduate students, as well as to maintain the vitality of our graduate programs. The research and technology centers: the George E. Kane Manufacturing Technology Lab, the Industrial and Systems Engineering Computer Lab, the Enterprise Systems Center, the Center for Value Chain Research, the Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution, and the Computational Optimization Research @ Lehigh Lab, create a vibrant environment for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and visitors.

Please enjoy visiting our web site. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find easily what you are looking for. Finally, I invite you to visit our department in the Mohler Lab the next time you visit Lehigh.

Dr. Ted Ralphs 
Interim Chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering