Theodore K. Ralphs

Theodore K. Ralphs


Interim Department Chair


Ph.D., Cornell University

Research Area: 

Discrete Optimization
Polyhedral Theory
Combinatorial Optimization
Design and Implementation of Algorithms
Parallel Algorithms
Graphs and Network Flows

Classes Taught: 

Integer Programming
Linear Programming
Non-linear Programming
Algorithms in Systems Engineering
Computation in Operations Research
Introduction to Engineering Practice
Systems Engineering Design


Discrete Optimization
Combinatorial Optimization
Logistics Problems
Routing and Packing Problems
Electronic Auctions
Graphs and Network Flows
Design and Analysis of ALgorithms
Parallel Algorithms
Computational Biology

Dr. Ralphs is a co-founder and co-director of the Computational Optimization Research at Lehigh (COR@L) Laboratory and chairs Lehigh's High-performance Computing Steering Committee. Dr. Ralphs' research focuses on theoretical and computational aspects of the solution and analysis of mixed-integer linear programs, including the implementation of parallel algorithms and the use of high-performance computing platforms. Courses taught by Dr. Ralphs include an introduction to mathematical programming, integer programming, nonlinear programming, and algorithms in systems engineering. Dr. Ralphs has been with the faculty since 2000 and became the ISE Department Interim Chair in August 2017.