September 2014 Spencer C. Schantz Distinguished Lecture Series

Radhika Kulkarni
Dr. Radhika Kulkarni
Vice President of Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS Institute Inc

Date and Time: 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 4:00pm

Event Location: 

Sinclair Auditorium
Mohler Laboratory, Room 453

Public Lecture - "Succeding with Business Analytics - Key Challenges"

Big Data, Analytics, Data-driven decisions, predictive modeling, machine learning and so on. All these terms have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. We hear about the applications of neural networks or logistic regrssion in multiple industries even on our daily commute to work. Does this mean that we have overcome all the challenges in successful applications of analytics to solving complex business problems? Far from it!

Finding the right method or algorith to solve a problem is often not the most challenging aspect. The bigger problems facing an Analytics group include

  • Data: Availability of the right kind of data
  • Process: Implementing the solution in operational systems
  • People: Bridging the talent gap resulting from lack of analytical training

This presentation will describe some of these challenges in the context of specific business problems. Addressing them will be important as opportunities for automated large scale modeling continue to grow in areas such as digital marketing, event stream processing involving sensor data, large cale forecasting in many diverse industries and many other applications.

Technical Talk - "Big Data and Big Analutics - Opportuunities for Inter-disciplinary Innovation"

Bio Sketch: 

Dr. Radhika Kulkarni is Vice President of Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS Institute Inc. She oversees software development in many analytical areas including Statistics, Operations Research, Econometrics, Forecasting and Data Mining, Her Division is also responsible for providing key components of business analytics solutions in several areas including Finance, Retail, Marketing, Hospitality and Supply Chain. Kulkanrni is an active member in the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS) and serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Afvanced ANalytics at North Carolina State University. The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University and the Marketing Analytics and Data Mining Board at Oklahoma State University. 

Radhika Kulkarni has a Master's in Mathematics from the Indian Institue of Technology, New Delhi and a Master's and Ph.D in Operations Research from Cornell University.