Reporting Scores

What are the ISE Department Codes for reporting test scores?
  • GRE scores: institutional code is 2365; department code is 1301.
  • TOEFL scores: institutional code is 2365; department code is 67
  • IELTS scores: No institutional code is necessary.  Lehigh University Graduate Admissions should be entered as a test score recipient at the IELTS Test Center.
Will you accept copies of the GRE and TOEFL scores?
  • We will process the application with copies of the scores, but the official test scores will be needed to complete your application.
How do I report my GPA if it was not based on a 4.0 scale?

The GPA is a required field on the electronic application and a number must be entered.  The simple conversion formula is (the score/total possible) x 4.0 = GPA on 4.0 scale. 

Could I transfer credits into Lehigh?


  • A maximum of up to nine credits taken at the graduate level elsewhere may be transferred from an accredited graduate college or graduate university to a Lehigh University Engineering Master’s Program.  
  • All courses must be assigned a grade of “B” or better to be eligible, and have not been used toward any prior degree.  The credits must be completed within four years of first enrollment into a Lehigh graduate program. Credits may not be transferred into a PhD program.
  •  A transfer credit approval form must be submitted to the Registrar along with course descriptions, an official transcript, and the recommendation of the departmental chairperson.  The full, university graduate transfer credit policy can be found on the approval form.