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As the ISE Department continues to work hard for continuous improvement, an ongoing excellence in all aspects of educating our students and performing cutting edge research, support from our alumni and friends is greatly needed. Your generous gift to the department will have a lasting impact on today’s students and for generations to come.

If you would like to make your gift, please visit

ISE Advanced Computing Technology Endowment

Lehigh University ISE - ISE Advanced Computing Technology Endowment

The department has started a new ISE Advanced Computing Technology Endowment. This endowment will help maintain the caliber of education by providing the best facilities to our students and faculty for courses and research. For more information, click here.   

2017/2018 Senior Class Gift
If you're a 2016/2017 graduating senior, and you'd like to designate your gift to the ISE Department, please visit the Senior Gift web site
•In the Gift Purpose Highlight - P.C. Rossing College of Engineering
•In the box that says, "If you would like to donate to a purpose not listed in the dropdown or would like to further clarify the purpose of the gift, please enter:", put ISE Department.

Designating your gift to ISE has a lasting impact on future industrial and systems engineer leaders. Below are some of the top reasons why you should designate your gift to ISE. 

Lehigh University ISE - Man-tech Lab
Lab and Classroom Preservation
With the newly renovated labs we currently have in Mohler Lab, gifts that enable us to maintain these prime learning and research facilities are extremely important. Keeping the computers, audio-visual equipment, classroom furniture and the manufacturing and robotics lab machines up-to-date is crucial to providing a stimulating educational experience for students.

Guest Speakers and Professors
Guest speakers and professors from both industry and academia provide new learning experiences for the ISE department students. They provide a valuable educational experience and input about industrial engineering and the world for faculty, students and friends of the department. 

Research and Program Development 
Cutting-edge research that is done by our faculty and students helps shape our future. Research in our department includes simulation, optimization of healthcare systems and processes, supply chain management, log-robust portfolio management, data mining, optimization and high-performance computing. The development of innovative programs, such as Healthcare Systems Engineering, is critical to providing the best education for current and future generations of ISEs.

Asa Packer Society and Capital Campaigns
All gifts that are designated to ISE are counted towards the Asa Packer Society and the Lehigh Capital Campaigns.

ISE Legacy
Beginning the tradition and leaving your legacy to the ISE department is priceless. Designating your gift to the ISE department will leave your lasting legacy for the current and future generations of students that will be developed into tomorrow’s leaders.

Thank you for supporting Lehigh ISE!