Lawrence V. Snyder

Lawrence V. Snyder




Ph.D., Northwestern University

Research Area: 

Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Electricity Grids and Energy Systems
Applied Optimization
Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Classes Taught: 

Production and Inventory Control
Operations Research
Quantitative Models for Supply Chain Management
Advanced Inventory Theory
Introduction to Engineering Practice


Supply Chain Management
Logistics, Transportation, and Facility Location Problems
Models for Decision-making Under Uncertainty
Applied Optimization.

Dr. Snyder teaches courses in production and inventory control, quantitative models in supply chain management, advanced inventory theory, service systems engineering, and operations research. His research interests include optimization problems in application areas such as supply chain management (e.g., facility location, inventory management, transportation) and electricity grids (e.g., optimal power flow problems, optimization of renewable resources, and energy storage). He is a core member of the Integrated Networks for Electricity research cluster. His textbook Fundamentals of Supply Chain Theory won the IIE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award in 2012. Dr. Snyder joined the I.S.E. faculty in Fall 2003.