Keith M. Gardiner

Keith M. Gardiner


Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., Manchester University, England

Research Area: 

Design of Products, Processes, and Systems
Microelectronics Manufacturing & Systems
Organization & Management, Continuous Improvement

Classes Taught: 

Microelectronics Manufacturing Systems and Technologies
Technology and the Factory of the Future
Organizational Planning and Control
Manufacturing Management
Agile Organizations and Manufacturing Systems
Aspects of Sustainable Systems Design


Design issues relating to organizations, products, processes and systems, both individually and severally
Relationships between materials and process selections and the manufacturing systems interactions
Micromanufacturing, economic environmental and sociotechnological issues associated with future manufacturing systems and sustainability

Dr. Gardiner's interests cover aspects of the whole design or manufacturing systems engineering cycle, from concept to delivery of products (or services) that yield customer satisfaction, out to end-of-life. His studies of manufacturing systems encompass business and management aspects as well as international strategic issues. He teaches courses in organizational planning and control, manufacturing management and systems, and micro-manufacturing. Dr. Gardiner’s research interests include product, process and systems design, materials and process selection, micro-manufacturing, sustainability, and bioengineering. Dr. Gardiner serves as the Director of the Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and the associated cross-disciplinary Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering program, while also coordinating the first year practical engineering course. Dr. Gardiner joined the faculty in 1987.