Thank you for your interest in graduate studies in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department (ISE) at Lehigh University.  This message contains information on various questions you may have about our programs and requirements, tuition expenses, and other concerns.  Please read this entire document to find answers to specific questions you may have.

  • Our department policy is to review only complete applications that have been submitted to us.  

  • Our department does not evaluate the possibility of admission by e-mail correspondence.  

  • ISE Faculty members usually do not reply to individual e-mail messages regarding the chances of admission.  

  • We do not share statistics on our graduate students and admission process.  

Communicating with the ISE Department

To make the application process easier for the staff and the prospective students please do the following:

  • All graduate applicants should use only one e-mail address throughout the application process and for follow up. 
  • Please use the English language character encoding feature when sending e-mail messages. 
  • Do not use a nickname when contacting us.

The ISE Department receives a large number of messages from prospective students and it is difficult to match the actual application to an e-mail message when the e-mail address, name, or character format is changed during the process. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Industrial and Systems Engineering Graduate Programs 

Admission Requirements and Checklist for Completing the ISE Graduate Application 
What are the minimum requirements for admission?
Is there a checklist for completing the application?
Could a part time student complete a degree in the ISE Department?
What are the ISE Department graduate application deadlines?
What is the ISE Department mailing address?
Information on Reporting GRE, TOEFL SCORES, AND GPA’S

What are the ISE Department Codes for reporting test scores?

Will you accept copies of the GRE and TOEFL scores?

How do I report my GPA if it was not based on a 4.0 scale?

Information on Program Questions 

Could I transfer credits into Lehigh?

Inofrmation on Tuition Costs, Fees and the Availability of Financial Aid 
What are the tuition costs for the 2017-2018 academic year?
Is financial aid available?
Is financial aid available for international students?
Master's Degree

Admission to the Master of Engineering program instead of directly to the Master of Science:

How long will it take to complete a Master of Science degree in the ISE Department?

What M.S. degree options are available in the ISE Department?

Ph.D. Degree

What Ph.D. degree options are available in the ISE Department?

What are the main areas of concentration for Ph.D. study?

How long will it take to complete a Ph.D. degree in the ISE Department?

Could I apply directly to the Ph.D. program without having a master’s degree first?

Information on Lehigh University Websites
How could I find further information on the ISE Department?
How do I find out more about Graduate Student Life at Lehigh University?