April 2013 Spencer C. Schantz Distinguished Lecture Series

Ralph E. Gomory
Ralph E. Gomory
Research Professor, New York University

Date and Time: 

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 3:30pm

Event Location: 

Sinclair Auditorium
Mohler Laboratory, Room 451

Public Lecture - "New Goals for American Corporations"

What should we expect of our great American Corporations? Is the present dominant corporate goal of maximizing return to the shareholders the right answer to that question? A historical view suggests that, for the country as a whole, the current goal may not be the right answer and suggests some other possibilities.

Technical Talk - "Problems Create Mathematics"

Although the term “Applied Mathematics” tends to suggest applying a ready-made piece of mathematics to solve a practical problem; applied mathematics is not always like that. Often, even in today’s world with all its riches of mathematical knowledge, practical problems still cause the creation of new mathematics. Examples will be given from my own experience.

Bio Sketch: 

Ralph Gomory is well-known for his mathematical research and his technical leadership. For twenty years he was responsible for IBM’s Research Division, and then for 18 years was the President of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. He is currently a Research Professor at New York University. In addition to mathematics, he has written extensively about globalization, trade, research, and technology, and has testified before Congress on numerous occasions. He has been awarded the National Medal of Science.